Personal Sound Concepts

Personal Sound Concepts

Personal Sound Concepts is a workshop and online class that guides you through producing music with the sound around you - the objects, spaces, and incidental noises of your environment. It revolves around listening differently, editing, and approaching these types of sounds with a new perspective. The goal is to move further towards creating a personalized soundscape, where association and the working out of individual sounds lends a greater level of originality and offers tools for finding one's voice.

There are many classes that teach one how to use specific software or workstations. Personal Sound Concepts is focused on what to do once you know how to use the technology. It is rooted in how to find inspiration and individualization. Technology is an extremely important piece of the puzzle, but only a piece, and it doesn't bring one to where they want to be creatively without other ideas and practices.

Personal Sound Concepts breaks things into components, building blocks, and asks you to make fewer assumptions about how things are supposed to be made or sound, with the goal of making the most out of what is at your disposal - all the sound in the world. With some minimal constraints we can find great creative freedoms.

Though it is centered in sound the class is for artists of all kinds, as the concepts explored can be utilized towards any creative practice. The exercises in the latter half do require basic sound production knowledge, though if you're just beginning this class will give you a strong framework from which to develop and explore.

By the end of the course you will have a better understanding of how to approach sound in a different way, and will have practiced this understanding by completing an audio piece.

The class is structured around audio lectures, weekly assignments, feedback on assignments, a class forum for open discussion throughout, and three skype sessions (pending class attendee availability).

Check this page or write for info on the next session.

The class is designed and facilitated by Ezekiel Honig, who has been steadily exploring and concretizing his approach to nontraditional sound sources in musical works since 2003, through releases on his own Anticipate and Microcosm imprints, as well as other like-minded labels such as Type, Other People, Unfoundsound, Fenou, and Abandoned Audio, and in sound design and music for film. Beginning from an infatuation with Musique Concrete and using the sound around you, developing his instincts eventually led Ezekiel to creating the curriculum for Personal Sound Concepts in 2012 and completing his first book on sound production ideas in 2014, Bumping Into a Chair While Humming: Sounds of the Everyday, Listening, and the Potential of the Personal.