Personal Sound Concepts


Some feedback from people who have taken Personal Sound Concepts:

"I used to think I knew a thing or two about sound. Mr Honig not only changed my perception of sound for my work but also helped me hear the world around me more clearly. We live in such a beautiful place, I don't want to miss any of it." - Craig C.

"Ezekiel's Personal Sound Concepts class was insightful and instructive as his weekly audio-lectures walked us through his own, personal sound revelations. While taking the course I produced a finished piece informed by the specific concepts Ezekiel discussed... and it's a piece I'm quite pleased with." - Nat H.

"The Sound Concept sessions were thoughtful and enabling in the sense that ideas that I may have dismissed or not considered in a particularly focused manner, were offered, encouraged and constructively criticised. For participants, this course offers great feedback on developing these ideas into pieces." - Lindsay C.

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