Personal Sound Concepts

Personal Sound Concepts - Making Music with the Everyday

Personal Sound Concepts is an online class that will introduce you to the basic concepts of using the full breadth of the sound around you - noninstrumental and nontraditional sound from the physical world, whether it be field recordings, objects from within the home, the air of a specific space, or anything imaginable - to make musical compositions; a practice embodied in an embrace of the idea of music as organized sound.

The ultimate goal is to orient towards thinking of the world as sample material, to listen to it differently, to change how one conceives of music and the potential of the everyday - of random objects and settings - and to take a step towards finding a unique voice, a personalized sound in an increasingly crowded creative and cultural landscape.

By the end of the course you will have a better understanding of how to approach sound in a different way, and you will have practiced and developed this understanding in audio work.

Check this page periodically or write for info on the next session.


The class is designed and facilitated by Ezekiel Honig, who has been steadily exploring and concretizing his approach to nontraditional sound sources in musical works since 2003. Beginning with an infatuation for using the sound one encounters in daily life, and the potential in creating a set of tools with greater personal association, developing these instincts led Ezekiel to creating the curriculum for Personal Sound Concepts in 2012 and completing his first book on sound production ideas in 2014, Bumping Into a Chair While Humming: Sounds of the Everyday, Listening, and the Potential of the Personal.