Personal Sound Concepts


Technology is important, but knowing how to use it, and how to use it in a way that makes sense for your work and process, is more important. For the Personal Sound Concepts course any means of recording, editing, and arranging sound is good. It doesn't need to be the best, or have the most features. You don't need to be a master technician with the equipment. It just needs to be good enough to do the job, to get you working with core ideas and developing them into something tangible, and meaningful.

For the workshop version of the course you won't need anything specific, but for the online class (and your home use) you will need:

  • a portable recorder - if no dedicated device is available, you can use an app on your phone
  • editing software - examples: logic, ableton live, pro tools, reason, sound forge, garage band, etc.
  • sound arranging software - examples: logic, ableton live, pro tools, reason, garage band, etc.

Please note: you can use hardware for editing and arranging as well, if you prefer.