Personal Sound Concepts

One-on-One Consulting Sessions

I've been producing music for almost 20 years, have taught online and in a classroom setting, and am offering one-on-one consulting sessions - tutoring, personal workshops in music production.

My general perspective is geared towards simplicity and utilizing the tools at your disposal to their fullest, searching for originality and finding a place for it in an exceedingly cluttered landscape.

All sound can be organized into music. That is the key principle from which everything progresses.

Some common topics include (but are not limited to):

  • reviewing current work
  • generating ideas to develop
  • how to develop a work-in-progress
  • beginning
  • finishing
  • using mistakes
  • using genre
  • finding a label vs. self-publishing
  • finding context
  • editing
  • writer's block
  • working with influences while finding one's own voice
  • searching for usable material within a field recording

If you'd like to book a session over video chat or are in the New York City area, please get in touch.